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Cacao Ceremony 

"A deep and heart opening experience." 

Ceremonial grade cacao is not to be confused with the word chocolate. Ceremonial grade cacao is made from 100% pure cacao bean paste, and minimally processed. Cacao means "elixir for the Gods" or "foods for the Gods" and is a superfood. 

Being pure cacao bean paste means it holds much more health benefits and mood elevating compounds as for example, dark chocolate or cacao powder etc.


It should also be known that strains of the cacao bean that has been bred for industrial farming is not ceremonial grade as they do not hold the same level of health beneficial and mood elevating compounds. The higher the quality of the bean, the higher the sensations and experience tends to be.

We make sure to offer ceremonial grade cacao at our events as we hold this plant sacred to us and want to offer it at its pure form.

During a cacao ceremony we incorporate different elements to bring us deeper into our self and in connection with the cacao. Every group forms differently in how this elements wants to present themselves but usually we have a few of the following: 


Moments of silence

Opening prayer 

Setting an intention 


Sound Healing
Yin Yoga 

Free movement

Mantra singing/Chanting

We also offer private group Cacao Ceremonies upon request. Please send us an email for more details. 

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