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Every summer in Sweden, Miguel and Hesam arranges men circles, that spans over June through August. 2 weekend workshops (1 in June and one in August) with 1 afternoon in July to meet and talk about our processes and receive support from the group.

The idea to have a community of men to support each other, and have a place to be able to express themselves, grew out of Miguel and Hesams friendship and understanding the importance of brotherly support in life. 

Finding like minded friends in life, that is holding the same life values, learning and sharing with each other is some of the intentions we have for this works.

If you, like us, have a curiosity for the great mystery of life that resides in all of us, and feel ready to look inside yourself and want to reconnect or connect deeper with your heart and inner core, we welcome you wholeheartedly to join us.

What to expect during these workshops:

Deep dive through meditation techniques and shamanic traditions.

Kinetic activation (integrative movement practice that help you identify and activate ignored and stagnant energy in the body.

The Kinetic activation held by Miguel incorporates yoga, Qi Gong,  bodywork, tapping, shaking and more.)

Breath work

Vocal activation and group singing

Sound Healing

What we expect during these workshops:

An active participation and willingness to 'work'.

Having an open mind

If you have any questions please contact us, and we can share more in detail about the work that we offer.


With much love in our hearts, we look forward to see you.


Very welcome.

Summer 2020 is fully booked


Hesam & Miguel

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