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Sound Therapy

"Helping the body to be in balance."

In sound therapy we use sound, music and special instruments that is delicately played to reach a deeper relaxed state and allow the individual to reach a self-reflective state.

The sounds received affects our physical body as well as the more subtle energetic bodies, and can help relieve and release emotional as well as physical blockages.

Most people feel relaxed after a sound therapy and usually have a very good night sleep and have a sense of ease in the coming days.

Because of the harmonious sounds received, we are helping the body to come into balance. Sound and vibration have a wonderful impact where it meets the individual where its needed. For example, stressed people usually get more calm, and anxious or fatigued people feel that they get out of the brain fog and get more energy. 

The best way to give sound therapy a proper introduction is to try it yourself. As the sounds and vibrations are unique, so are every recipient, and therefore the stories and emotions will be exclusive for that individual. 


Whether you approach sound and vibration from a scientific perspective or spiritual, you surely will receive something.

We offer individual sound therapies as well as group 'Sound Journey'. In  the way they differ is that a Sound Journey is played for a group with more consideration for the group dynamic, where's the individual session is more tuned for the individuals needs and what current state they are in. 


For any questions regarding this therapy form feel free to contact us, we gladly support in any way we can.

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