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“The art and practice of Yoga is the science of uniting body, mind and soul.. it is timeless and eternal.” 

Yoga is a beautiful method to reconnect with yourself. To get into a state of wellbeing and peace where you can find your center and come back to Self and what's really important for you. Your true state of being. Your essence. 


Yoga is for everyone and it’s not about how you look or how advanced poses you can do, it’s about a state of mind. This old discipline from India focus on both spiritual, mental and physical aspects. The practice has endless benefits such as improving health, wellbeing, your overall state of mind, release blockages and healing body, mind and soul.   


Yoga shows us how to move from the mind and all of its involvement to this ever free inner Self. 


Josephine is a certificate 500H RYT. 


Josephine offers 1:1 or smaller group sessions.

"Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is. We are allowing other people to be what they are, and we are sanctioning our bodies and our own minds to fully manifest.” – Richard Freeman

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