Inner Patience was born through Hesam and Josephine's own journey towards healing and understanding. Their shared vision for helping people to connect with themselves and their inner truth has become their passion in life. 


Inner Patience comes from the idea that with balance comes patience and patience welcomes love.

"We wish for Inner Patience to become a pillar of remembrance of inner truth for any one that hears the calling. We wholeheartedly believe that when a safe container is created, everyone can manifest more balance, patience and love
within themselves."

Balance  Patience  Love


"Follow your heart's voice." 

Josephine is a former Community and PR Manager who chose to leave the corporate world to pursue her heart's desires. A dedicated yogini, ecstatic dance fanatic and Reiki Master. She grew up playing and running around in the forest in South of Sweden, which she still does. It’s her biggest inspiration source and where she feels most connected to herself, her truth and her body.


Ever since the first yoga class she took several years ago, it has been a part of her daily routine. She quickly fell in love with the practice and how it made her connect deeper with her inner self. It was a way to witness what was going on inside and shut off the external noise. A way to land in her heart, body and soul. 


Josephine practice Reiki and other types of energy work. During sessions she often incorporates singing bowls and other instruments to help you release, relax and get deeper into yourself. 


She teaches different types of Flow, where she mixes traditional with a creative and dance-like flow of vinyasa along with other techniques such as Osho-meditations, breathwork and free movement. She also teaches Yin and often incorporates instruments, singing, healing and cleansing to guide people deeper into their hearts.


“To witness the shift of healing in a person's eyes, is one of life’s greatest gifts, that will humble you deeply before the great mystery of life.”

Since an early age, Hesam questioned the abstract sides of life - why are we here on earth? What is the meaning of life and are there other more subtle parts of life that we can’t fully perceive with our 5 senses. 

Later in life these kind of questions came to bloom even more as he went through big shifts in his life, battling illnesses in the body as well as in the mental. Depression and diagnosis turned him to alternative treatments and that is when he found the sacred plant medicines. With the guidance of the plants and nature he found his purpose and meaning in life, he came to understand some inner realities and became more accepting of the great mystery of life. 

He has traveled around the world and have met inspiring people and different lineages of wisdom keepers. 

Hesam is a dedicated apprentice of the plants and nature and is deeply intrigued by sound and vibration and how it affects us humans on many levels and our surroundings. He’s passion for music and nature comes through his own journey of healing and understanding of self, and as he shares he hopes for other to find their own inner truth as well.