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"Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy healing, which can bring you deep relaxation and emotional release."

Reiki is a beautiful and gentle healing method, where the practitioner use hands and distant healing techniques. The Reiki energy goes through the palms of the practitioner to the client for physical, emotional, energetical, metal and/or spiritual healing. 

Reiki was re-discovered in the 19th century in Japan by a Buddhist monk Dr. Mikao Usui and has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. Its roots, however, are said to be found in many of the world’s ancient cultures (e.g. India, Tibet).


Reiki healing can also be explained as an energy acupuncture, where the energy goes to different points in the body to help clear blockages and to get the energy to flow more smoothly.  


Reiki can bring wellbeing and deep relaxation to body, mind and spirit. It can help reduce stress, physical pain and tension in the body, balance the energy and increase the energetic flow and support spiritual growth and emotional clearing. Some people can experience feelings and emotions bubbling up to the surface during or after a session, which is normal and a part of the healing process. Allowing what wants to come up to the surface to be released.


Josephine is a certified 9th generation Reiki Master.

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